About Me

   I help institutions evaluate and improve their approach to supporting library and technology needs.  I review institutional plans, organizational structures and interactions between service providers and their clients and recommend approaches that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their services. But most importantly, I help build strong organizations, ones that include high-performing teams and are headed by effective managers and leaders.

For forty-three years, I led organizations that provided information technology, institutional research, and library services in higher education. Most of the challenges I faced were ultimately ones related to organizational development – that is, they involved people.  As institutional leaders know, people are much more complex than technology, and the challenges of delivering effective technology or library services is about organizing and managing teams of people to work together effectively.

On the national level, I’ve helped advance the professional development of IT leaders through service on the Boards of CAUSE, EDUCOM and Educause. I directed the Educause Leadership Institute, a program to help prepare the IT leaders of tomorrow and created and co-led the Hawkins Leadership Roundtable, a professional development activity for new CIOs and  those aspiring to IT leadership roles. At Hamilton College, I created the Hamilton Management Roundtable, which provided leadership and management development for supervisors at the college.

A brief career biography:

I came to Hamilton in 1972, as a member of the mathematics department, expecting to follow the traditional career of a faculty member. Instead, in 1974 I was asked to lead a computer services organization of 4 people. Of course, in the 1970s personal computers and the Internet were only a dream. Along the way we started an office of institutional research, which I led for ten years until it became a substantial entity unto itself.  Information Technology Services (ITS) grew to 33 individuals by 2010. In 2011, in addition to ITS, I was asked to lead the Library. Over the following two years Hamilton studied the requirements for the Library of the Future and the value of creating one organization to oversee both the Library and ITS. In June 2013, Hamilton decided to merge the two organizations under one leader and in September I was appointed to be that leader. The challenge for LITS was to anticipate needs and deliver services of exceptional quality to the Hamilton College community. After a forty-three year career I retired in July 2017.  I continue to remain professionally active through consulting and broadly reading in the fields of libraries, information technology and organizational development.